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How can I sell art profitably?

When should I sell?
On the art market, sensational record prices are being achieved presently. In spite of pessimistic voices, this trend did not stop so far. Investing money in art has found many followers and is enjoying a wide popularity. If you would like to sell a piece of art, this is definitely an excellent time for it.

Where can I sell art?
The vast majority of artworks is traded at galleries and auction houses. Auctions provide the chance for the largest increases in value, because there is a large audience competing directly and some get so drawn into this competition, they go far beyond their planned limits.
Apart from these possibilities, for very valuable objects the vending can also be arranged by a discreet broker if it is not desirable to let others know the artwork is on the market.

How can I sell art?
No matter which way you choose or even if you need advice on which way is best for you, you can always contact us for a discreet procurement of an appraisal or a vending of valuable pieces of art from renown artists. In order to do this quickly, we need the following information: