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Daniel Weil

1953 Buenos Aires

The industrial designer Daniel Weil was born in Buenos Aires in 1953 and took his degree in architecture at university in Buenos Aires in 1977 before studying industrial design from 1978 until 1981 at the Royal College of Art in London. Daniel Weil met Gerard Taylor, with whom he founded a design practice in London in 1985.
Daniel Weil is both a product designer and graphic artist. In the early 1980s Daniel Weil designed the "Bag Radio", a disassembled radio sealed into transparent plastic. This provocative design, the dissolution of a firm chassis, corresponds to the 1980s Punk aesthetic. The "Bag Radios" were mainly made by Parenthesis.
In 1981 Daniel Weil had close contacts to the "Memphis" group and showed work at their first exhibition. In 1982 he did a workover of the Boots drugstore chain logo.
In addition, Daniel Weil designed furniture for Knoll and household objects for Alessi. In 1992 Daniel Weil became a partner in Pentagram, the interdisciplinary design agency. In the 1990s Daniel Weil worked for fashionable watchmaker Swatch. For EMI Records Daniel Weil designed sleeves, for instand for "Very", the Pet Shop Boys CD (1994). In addition, Daniel Weil has designed interiors for Swatch, Esprit, and Autogrill.
From 1991 until 1995 Daniel Weil was a professor at the Royal College of Art in London.

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