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Francois Berthoud

1961 Lausanne

François Berthoud, born in 1961, is an internationally known fashion illustrator. After having studied graphic design in his native city of Lausanne, Berthoud works for the publishing company Condé Nast Italy in Milan that edits, among others, the fashion magazines Vogue Italia, L’Uoo Vogue and Vogue Pelle. Further assignments follow, for example, by Vanity Fair, The NewYorker, Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine.
Berthoud cultivates a memorable and expressive style that can be sorted between Pop Art and German Expressionism. Berthoud, a highly skilled craftsman, creates xylographs that combine graphics and painting. He draws sophisticated female figures with tender, transparent forms, and contrives to present gestures and details in a very precise way. Additionally, Berthoud draws ornamental motives and works with symbolic pictograms. The logo, which he uses to sign his works, is a mirror-inverted "F", inscribed into a circle. His impressive pictures combine fine arts and fashion.
Berthoud’s work are exhibited in solo and group shows all over the world. A collection of his best works is presented in "Facsimile", published in limited edition by Edition Dino Simonett, Zurich, in 2000. Francois Berthoud lives and works in Milan and New York.

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