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Matthew Hilton

1957 Hastings

The British designer Matthew Hilton attended both Portsmouth College and Kingston Polytechnic in London. In 1984 Matthew Hilton opened a design studio in London, specializing in furniture and lighting. Since 1986 Matthew Hilton's designs have been executed by SCP in London. Now a leading British furniture designer, Matthew Hilton is known for his highly finished approach to form.
Although Matthew Hilton's designs look astonishingly classical, they are nonetheless innovative. He never disregards objectivity and function. In 1991 Matthew Hilton designed "Balzac", a leather chair notable for soft, rounded forms. Another 1991 Matthew Hilton design is the "Auberon" table, featuring a top made of thick beams with the surfaces left rough; the table legs flare slightly. In 1996 Matthew Hilton designed the velvet-covered "Orwell" sofa. Back in 1987 Hilton designed "Antelope", a three-legged table, also for SCP, and, in 1988 the "Flipper" table. Matthew Hilton designed "Wait", a plastic chair for Authentic in 1998.
Matthew Hilton's furniture and lighting are also made by and for Alterego, Driade, Disform, Nani Marquina, Mobles 114, Santa & Cole, XO, Habitat, and others.

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