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Oscar Tusquets Blanca

1941 Barcelona

The Spanish architect and designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca attended the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de la Llotja in Barcelona from 1954 until 1960. He subsequently attended the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura from 1958 until 1965, also in Barcelona. By 1964 Oscar Tusquets Blanca joined fellow students Pep Bonet, Christián Cirici, and Lluís Clotet in founding Studio PER.
"Regás", a house in Gerona designed in 1972 by Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Lluís Clotet is regarded as one of the very earliest Postmodern buildings. In 1972 Oscar Tusquets Blanca also published a Spanish edition of Robert Venturi's "Learning from Las Vegas".
Studio PER achieved international recognition for its quirky architectural projects, including"Fullá", a house in Barcelona (1967-70). In 1974 Oscar Tusquets Blanca designed a wing for the Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueras.
The architect remained close friends with Dalí until the Surrealist's death. In 1972 the members of Studio PER founded B.D. Ediciones de Diseño, a furniture-making firm. B.D. Ediciones produced much of the furniture and other designer objects its founders created as well work by other contemporary designers.
B.D. Ediciones also reissued objects by Antonio Gaudí and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Oscar Tusquets Blanca has designed furniture, lighting and utilitarian objects for Driade, Ritzenhoff, and Alessi. In 1983 he designed a four-part tea and coffee service for the Alessi "Tea & Coffee Piazza" project. In 1987 Oscar Tusquets Blanca created "Gaulino", a chair which reveals the influence of Gaudí's language of forms.
Many of Oscar Tusquets Blanca's designs have pronounced overtones of the Catalan cultural identity and the rich design legacy of the city of Barcelona.

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