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Paolo Lomazzi

1936 Mailand

The Italian designer Paolo Lomazzi was a member of the stellar designer trio De Pas/D'Urbino/Lomazzi. Born in Milan in 1936, Paolo Lomazzi studied at Milan Polytechnic until 1966. It was at Milan Polytechnic that Paolo Lomazzi met Gionatan De Pas and Donato D'Urbino, with whom he opened a design practice in Milan in 1966.
The designer trio De Pas/D'Urbino/Lomazzi became worldfamous overnight in 1967 with the "Blow" armchair they designed for Zanotta. Made of inflatable PVC film in lurid Pop colors and marketed for a very affordable price, "Blow" looks more like a poolside plaything than serious seating for use in a living room. Paolo Lomazzi, De Pas, and D'Urbino again created a stir in 1970 with "Joe", an armchair they designed for Poltronova.
Conceived as a tribute to American baseball player Joe DiMaggio, the "Joe" is in the form of an outsize baseball glove. Both pieces of seat furniture are Pop culture icons. As radical design objects, they represent a clean break with traditional notions of seating and lifestyle. De Pas/D'Urbino/Lomazzi designed the "Sciangai" clothes stand for Zanotta in 1973 - made of 1.50-meter-long wooden rods, it looks like a bunch of 1.50-meter-long chopsticks standing on end.
The trio developed designer objects for Artemide, Alessi, Cassina, Driade, Poltronova, Stilnovo,Valenti, Zerodisegno, Koizumi, and Disform. After Gionatan De Pas died in 1991, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi continued to run the joint practice. As the duo D'Urbino/Lomazzi they designed a great many more objects, including the "Nuvola" double bed (1992 for Zanotta), "Rosa del Deserto" (1994 for Tonelli) table with a segmented glass top, and the serpentine hanging lamp "Nessie" (1996 for Lumina Italia).

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