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Abraham Bosse

1813 Paris
1894 Paris

Abraham Bosse was an engraver, lithographer, draughtsman and art theorist. He was born in Tours, around 1604, the son of a Calvinist master tailor. In the 1620s, he moved to Paris, where he completed an apprenticeship as a copper engraver and later worked as an engraver.
During the following years, Abraham Bosse executed over 1600 works. His etchings often have moralistic content and realistically thematise society under Ludwig XIII. Festivals and scenes from daily life were Bosse’s most frequent subject matter. His intense focus on producing graphic and accurate representations of reality expressed through his prints and also in theoretical reflection. He wrote tracts on the technique of etching and perspective. Bosse’s 1645 treatise on the art of etching was published in many languages. Abraham Bosse was also a book illustrator, and he made a name for himself as an inventor of vignettes and title pages.
His fashion and costume etchings, which incorporated detailed everyday scenes, were particularly successful. Bosse was one of the most productive artists of his time. In 1648, he was appointed a tutor at the "Académie royale de peintre et de sculpture". But Bosse’s feisty and challenging character, for which he became famous, was also his undoing. In 1661, he lost his job due to irreconcilable differences.
Abraham Bosse died in Paris on 14th Febrauary 1676.

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