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Alexander-Jean Noël

1752 Brie-Comte-Robert
1834 Paris

The landscape and marine painter Alexandre-Jean Noël was born on July 25, 1752 in Brie-Comte-Robert. He was the son of Alexis Nicolas Noël (1792–1871). At the age of 16, in 1769, he participated in the scientific expedition of the Venus Transit to Baja California in Mexico.Alexandre-Jean Noël served as the expedition illustrator and documented the native people and the lizards. A short time later, the secretary of the Académie Royale recommended the purchase of the artist’s Mexico pictures for the royal collection. These works are currently in the Louvre. After his journey, Noël returned to Paris and settled down. He began painting landscapes, views of the city, and marine pictures here. Alexandre-Jean Noël also painted the harbors on his travels to Spain and Portugal. From the years 1779 to 1822, he sent his works to the salon.
Alexandre-Jean Noël died in January of 1832 in Paris.

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