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Charles Hoguet

1821 Berlin
1870 Berlin

The German painter and lithographer Charles Hoguet was born on November 21, 1821 in Berlin. First he was a pupil of Wilhelm August Christian Leopold Krause (1802–64) in the latter’s studio in Berlin. His areas of interest were marine and landscape painting. In 1839, Charles Hoguet went to Paris for further education. Here, with the help of Krause’s recommendation, he became a pupil of Eugène Ciceri (1813–90). He was also later on an apprentice with Eugène Isabey (1803–86). With him, Charles Hoguet studied at the same time with the German painter Eduard Hildebrandt (1817–68).
In between he took frequent study trips to England, Holland, Belgium and to the Norman coast. Beginning in 1848, the artist lived once again in Berlin. An extraordinary productivity on the part of Charles Hoguet has been recorded. He worked in particular as a painter of still lifes, marine paintings and landscapes, but very charming architectural pictures were also produced. In the last two decades of his life, Hoguet finished no fewer than 422 oil paintings.
In 1869, he became a member of the Berlin Academy. In addition, he regularly sent oil paintings, water colors and sketches to their exhibits after 1839.
Charles Hoguet died in the city of his birth, Berlin, on August 4, 1870. However, even after the artist’s death, five of his works were seen at the Berlin Century Exhibit in 1906. Among them were "Waldlichtung mit Kühen" (1854, Forest Clearing with Cows) and "Stillleben mit gerupfter Pute" (1847, Still Life with Plucked Turkey).

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