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Enzo Cucchi

1949 Morro d'Alba

Enzo Cucchi was born in Morro d'Alba (Marches) in 1949. He held his first solo exhibition in Milan in 1977. Enzo Cucchi became famous among the Italian Transavanguardia and over the years turned into one of the most distinguished Italian painters.
In his pictures Cucchi invoked archaic forces against the progressing destruction of culture with recurrent motifs such as fish, elephant or skull and the embryonic figure.
Alongside his installations and paintings, which often contained collages of real wooden or metal objects, he had found, Enzo Cucchi also produced simple, small-format drawings, accompanying his prose.
From 1982 Cucchi extended his work to sculptures. Cucchi's art follows the Expressionist tradition. Simultaneously, however, Beuys was probably the most important influence on Enzo Cucchi.

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