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Jean-Baptiste François Pater

1695 Valenciennes
1736 Paris

The painter Jean-Baptiste François Pater was born in 1695 in Valenciennes. He initially trained with a local painter and with his sculptor father Antoine Pater (1670–1747). He was briefly the student of Antoine Watteau (1684–1721) in Paris. However, Jean-Baptiste François Pater returned to his homeland of Valenciennes after Watteau’s termination.
Starting in 1718, the artist was in Paris again and worked for Watteau’s clients. In addition to Nicolas Lancret (1690–1743), Pater is considered the most talented imitator of Watteau. Especially after the latter’s death, Lancret and Jean-Baptiste François Pater mastered the style of the "fêtes galantes". In competition with Lancret, Pater created painted depictions with scenes from the "Comtes de la Fontaine".
In 1728, the artist became a member of the Académie Royale with the admissions piece of "Réjouissance des soldats". His most prominent client is the man who later become the Prussian King Frederick the Great (1712–86). He possessed two pictures of Pater in the style of the "Turquerie: Le Sultan au Harem" and "Le Sultan au Jardin".
Jean-Baptiste François Pater died on July 25, 1736 in Paris.

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