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Jean Gabriel Domergue

1889 Bordeaux
1962 Cannes

Jean-Gabriel Domergue was born in Bordeaux on March 4, 1889. The painter and graphic artist was famous above all through his representations of women in poster art and is often compared to Toulouse-Lautrec.
After his studies, Jean-Gabriel Domergue began traditionally with landscapes, but he celebrated his first successes with modern portrait painting, and in this Domergue developed his own quite unique style. His models, predominantly from the theater world (among others also Josefine Baker), were mostly very slender and were portrayed with a swan neck. In 1927, the artist moved to Southern France.
The Côte d`Azur and the Mediterranean light were his sources of inspiration, and up until his death, he produced numerous advertising posters for the region.
Jean-Gabriel Domergue died in Cannes in 1962.

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