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Maurice Denis

1870 Granville
1943 Paris

Maurice Denis, born in Granville (Manche) on November 25, 1870, is considered an artist of French Symbolism. The painter, graphic artist and art theoretician began in 1888 with studies at the Académie Julian in Paris.
Together with his fellow students Pierre Bonnard, Paul Sérusier and Edouard Vuillard, Maurice Denis established the artist group "Les Nabis" in 1889.
Denis was valued above all as an organizer of the group and the author of theoretical writings about art. In his painting, he preferred simple forms in gently pulsating lines and pale colors.
The art of the Italian Renaissance inspired him to seek out religious themes. Besides painting, Maurice Denis' oeuvre also included wall decorations, book illustrations, graphic prints, glass windows and also handcrafts. In his work, Denis attempted to revitalize religious art.
Maurice Denis died in Paris on November 13, 1943.

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