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Literally, "bibliography" (Greek biblio = book; graphein = writing) means the description of books; the meaning of the term has however been considerably expanded over the course of the centuries. Whereas in antiquity, "bibliography" meant the manual activity of writing or copying from books, today the word "bibliography" encompasses all areas of book lore. In this way, "bibliography" means the theory of the creation of book and writing registers, their history, manufacture, and typology. This term was introduced in this sense by G. Naudé’s Bibliographia politica (1633). L.J. de Saint Charles was the first to produce two book registers with the term "bibliography" (B. gallica universalis from 1644-54; B. parisiana from 1645-51).
In a narrower sense, "bibliographize" is understood to mean the search for and research on books; by "bibliography" the register of those books that are used to create a research work. In this way, bibliography becomes an ancillary discipline that serves all other sciences in creating order among intellectual materials and providing a complete overview of the literature about a subject.

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